Two girls tryed to kill one girl with a knife just beacause of a internet character (Wich is fake).  (We wont put any videos or pictures of this children, Cause its to much what will you read.)

Story: On 31.May.2014 Two 12 girls invited her friend to come. And there idea was to kill her to see Slender Man, They readed that if you kill a person Slender man will come and he wont kill you. (Readed on Wikia CreepyPasta.) Disturbingly the girls taked there friend to the woods and there they stabbed her 19 times. The child was near to death, But thanks god the child is saved its was taken to the hospital, But the two killers have been arrested permenatly. Edit

Slender Man Edit

Slender man is a fake character made by: Something Awful. Its described as a tall man with no face, with a suit and white body. Disturbingly some people started making documentarys about a fake character made by a person. Slender man becomed so popular even people made video games of slender.

Slender-The-Arrival-Teaser-Trailer 9

Slender Man

Slender Man Documentary

Slender Man Documentary.